Pet Sitting Service

We know that when you go away for a few days or a few weeks it can be difficult to find someone to take good care of your pets. At Paws On The Move we come to your home to care for your pet so your pet can stay in the comfort of the home they know and love. We can feed your pets (you provide us with their regular food), give them fresh water, change their litter trays and spend some quality playtime with them while you enjoy your vacation. We will look after all types of pets including rabbits, chickens, ducks, mice, guinea pigs, and even snakes!

For your dog, two visits a day is recommended, similar to the routine of home where the family gets up in the morning and greets the dog, then again when they arrive home from work or school. A morning or afternoon 30-minute walk is included in this service.

For your cat and other pets, one visit a day is usually sufficient; however, if you require more than one, we will come to some arrangement.


Advantages for your pet

  • Reduced stress Your pet stays where it feels most comfortable and secure – at home.  With familiar sights, sounds, smells and routines your pet can relax and follow its regular schedule.
  • No “travel” trauma.
  • Minimal exposure to the illnesses of other animals.
  • Personal attention: Your pet will be pampered by a reliable professional using the instructions you specify.


Advantages For You

  • Free initial consultation: During the meet and greet session in your home, we will discuss your pet care needs, complete the necessary paperwork, and go over your home care instructions.
  • Security: Paws On The Move strives to keep your home exactly as you left it.  We will ensure all doors and gates are locked upon leaving.
  • Additional Services: Your service also includes watering plants, retrieving mail, putting bins in and out, lights turned on/off and blinds opened/closed so your house still looks lived in.
  • Peace of Mind: While you are away, you can feel confident that your pet is in capable, caring hands.


Dogs with medical needs

If your pet needs daily medication, injections or is on a special diet, just let us know and we’re more than happy to cater for your pet’s special needs. Medication needs to be provided by the owner and instructions on how to dispense must be made clear at the initial meet and greet session.